Guo Cunhai

2021-06-23 14:35


Guo Cunhai

PhD., Senior Research Fellow, Director of Dept. of   Social and Cultural Studies and Director of Center for Argentine Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies of Chinese Academy of Social SciencesILAS-CASS; Co-founder and Director of CECLACentro de Estudios Chinos y Latinoamericanos,, Subsecretary-General of Chinese Association of Latin American Studies. He was Sub-Director of Dept. of Social and Cultural Studies of ILAS-CASS (2011~2015), Sub-Director of Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies of ILAS-CASS (2015~2017), visiting professor of National Autonomous University of MexicoUNAMduring 2012~2013.

He has visited many LAC countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Costa Rica,Jamaica and Cuba for academic exchanges. He co-authored and edited La distancia que nos une. Reflexiones y vivencias entre China y América Latina (2016, in Chinese and Spanish), El nuevo marco de cooperación económica sino-latinoamericana (2014, in Chinese and Spanish), Nosotros: crónicas de la cercanía cultural de China y Argentina (2018, in Chinese and Spanish), La Franja y la Ruta” y América Latina:Nuevas oportunidades y nuevos desafíos (2018, in Chinese and Spanish).

His current studies focus on Latin American Cultures and Thoughts, China-LAC Cultural Exchange, and Social effects of China’s Presence in the region.